Hello! I’m Princessnapped, and I write and draw this comic, Worn Aurum. Why’s it called that? Well, you’ll have to read to find out! Or maybe check the FAQ after I ever get enough questions for it.

This is a recent ambition of mine, and honestly, I just want to have fun. It’s not going to be consistent, and I constantly change how I draw characters and color things.

The style of coloring, or lining, or even how it’s set up, might change a lot, but I hope you have fun along on the ride anyway!

For more information, you can find my website Here, or most places I mention my name, Princessnapped! Commission prices and such are on that site, but if you can't access it for whatsoever reason, let me know and I'll work out something as an alternative for you!

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  • Worn Aurum contains the following:
  • Swearing in moderate amounts
  • Body horror in moderate amounts
  • Blood in moderate amounts
  • Romance in moderate amounts
  • Gore in somewhat moderate amounts.

It may not be suitable for anybody younger than 16yr old. Caution is advised!

Younger may need some parental supervision.

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You can contact me at the following:

Twitter (active),

Deviantart (inactive most of the time),

Tumblr (active),

Furaffinity (inactive),

Weasyl (inactive),

Mastodon (somewhat active),

Discord - (Princessnapped#7254) (active),

Toyhouse (somewhat active),

Telegram (Princessnapped) (Active)

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q - You’re deaf?

Yes. Yes, I am.

Q - For how long?

Since I was born.

Q - How do you draw so fast?

The answer I usually give people is, “draw a lot in a moving car for most of your drawing experience early on,” because that’s what happened - I got used to making quick movements and not undoing things.

A better, more concise answer is to not be a perfectionist, because that often bites you in the rear; you’ll redo things multiple times again and again.

Q - Why’s your art so fluffy??

Because growing up with my big sister, she drew everything fluffy up to and including things like Groudon, Greymon, etc., and I just kind of took that in; I’m influenced by a lot of things and honestly, I have a lot of fun drawing the fuzziness and stuff!

It makes me happy when people like it! So I guess to sum that up, I draw everything fuzzy because it means a lot to me, since for me, my family is important; they always encouraged me to draw and stuff and I and my big sister (as well as little sister) drew together a lot, and ofc, my older sibling inspired me!

Q - You didn’t answer me (on specific site or email)!

I’m much more active on certain sites than others and I don’t check my email much. The sites I am on a lot are marked (Active) in the contact page!

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