Here's comics I read, with links to them and a small snippet of what I think of them!

Latchkey Kingdom
LK, by Nick Orsi, is really good. I adore the art and characters so much, and the author of it doing it in CSP motivates, and motivated, me to start doing stuff in csp too! It's very adventure-y, with quite a good sense of humor.

Slightly Damned
this one's by a friend, Chu; Slightly Damned is high on my faves comics list. I've been following it since roughly I was 14, and I'm about 24 at the time of writing this, and the improvement and characters - particularly delving into healthy relationships - is pretty great.
There is a fair warning, though; there is sometimes gore, character death, and violence, as well as swearing in large amounts.

It's Forgotten! Forgotten is a great, cute (and yet mysterious) comic about cats, inspired partially by warriors (but please don't tease or compare it to warriors too much), watership down, and, of all things, madoka! It's done by a super good friend of mine, Celine! Please enjoy it if you read it!

A & H Club
This one is by Rick Griffin! There's another comic here that I like from him, but here, I linked the entire hub of comics and so-forth he has; I enjoy them all, and his art especially is pretty swell. A & H Club itself addresses more mature topics than Housepets tends to; especially "adulting".
It can be a pretty hard read, since it addresses issues such as abuse and poverty, as well as homophobia and so-forth.

Junk Hyenas Diner
This is another one by Chu! However, at the time of writing this, it's on hiatus, but right now, the comic has quite an archive. It's more slice of life than anything else, but if you like cute furries and slice of life that goes deeply into characterization, you'll enjoy this!

Awkward Zombie
I've been following this one, similarly, for a while. The game jokes are quite fun, pointing out some issues, or things that are fun to think about, and I enjoy the artstyle quite a good amount as well. Also, Katie draws quite a few characters very cutely, particularly Fox Mccloud!

Battle Patrol
This one's by a good friend of mine, Mouffy! It took off recently, and at the time of writing this, is somewhat spontaneous with updates (they have a lot going on in their life)! But the art is gorgeous, and the characters are very cute too. It's very adventurey, and sticks closely to an traditional manga style!

Demon Street
This one was recommended to me by a very good friend, Gale! It's very magical and full of mystery, and has a quite painterly style that reminds me of acrylics. The design and world design is very wonderful, so check it out if you like to be inspired! There's also explicit LGBT characters who are well-done, which is always a bonus! (One of the main characters, Celine, is explicitly an transwoman and treated properly!)

Em Carroll Comics
This one's more about the lady's entourage of comics. They're mostly psychological horror, and have quite an absurd amount of body horror + gore, but if that's okay by you, I encourage you to check it out. One that is neither of these things (and LGBT) is ANU-ANULAN & YIR'S DAUGHTER. So if you can't stomach horror, body horror, and/or gore, check out that in the least; i promise it has none of these things and is very warm and cuddly.

This one has an incredibly cute style, and has a bit of each kind of gamer in it, so you'll surely find some things you relate to in it! But even if not, the characters are very lovable, and you may enjoy the jokes. It is very slice of life, about a group of cats who are friends who play games together!

Gunnerkrigg Court
This one is an incredible one. The style changes very drastically over the time of reading it, and it's very inspirational to me. It swaps styles between flats (and/or cels) to textured/shaded and it's lovely to see; it inspires me to just do my own thing with my comic and not fear about it looking "weird". The characters are very great, and you will almost certainly enjoy Coyote's character. There is also no gore, though it is very adventurous! There can sometimes be body horror, however.

Here's an weird one! It's usually slice of life with quite the wordy panels, but if you can get past the words, then it can be very enjoyable. The characters are very interesting - anthros as pets - and they all have an interesting style. Sometimes it dips into deeper storylines that go into detail, but generally, it sticks to its slice of life style.

I super recommend this one if you like LGBT+ and/or watercolors! The comic is very gorgeous, and you can almost literally feel the warmth radiating off of each page with Kye in it. The artist does atmosphere very well!

Kill 6 Billion Demons
This one is pretty darn good; it's hard to describe, but it goes into demons and whatnot, and keeps to Biblical depictions of angels (i.e. they're abominations of horrific entities, not just winged people).
However, as a fair warning, it can get rather gory and body horror, and there is also a bit of nsfw in it (mainly uncovered genitals), as well as nsfw situations (it opens with one of these).

Lackadaisy Cats
Hoo! Who doesn't know this one? Lackadaisy Cats is very fun for me to read; it's about the Prohibition, but with anthro cats. It can be hard to follow along, since it is very jargon-heavy, but if you don't mind that (or are willing to dedicate some time to either learning the jargon/parsing it or getting a friend to help you with this), you may enjoy it.
There is sometimes blood, and there is quite a bit of violence.

The Last Halloween
I found this one recently!
It's very gory and has a lot of body horror, as well as scary situations.
It is not afraid to show you these things, but it is in black-and-white, which I think lends it quite some artistic liberties and boosts how fun it is to follow. The main character also has a Parent who's nonbinary (them/they)! the characters are very lovable, and the humor is pretty silly sometimes, which makes the juxtaposition of the story + characters even funnier and great.

I read this one on/off. It's very slice of life-ish, but with an large smattering of ghosts and whatnot in it. It's all about spookies, and i'd compare it pretty strongly to Paranorman. There is no gore, but there is sometimes body horror. The characters are very interesting to learn about, especially their Spirits, and it is very colorful too!

Here's another gamer comic! Savestate is pretty gung ho about the comedy, and introduces supernatural characters about a fourth into the comic. It has quite a bit of black comedy too, but i enjoy the art and characters, as well as the stories and jokes they do!

Skindeep was recommended to me almost an decade ago by a very good friend! It is slice of life, but with a bit of adventure, about characters who are mythological and trying to live long humans who used to hunt them for sport. The art improvement is quite fun to see, and I enjoy the wide berth of characters it has. There's so much more I could say about it, but unfortunately, that would probably fill almost the entire page!

I found this one recently! I recommend it if you like watercolors. It's about the downfall of moths! Nah. It's about an taxicat, and his rider, whom both try to get by in their life.

Thunderpaw is very interesting; it stays to an limited color palette, and is about an urban environment with what seem to be gods. There's not much to go off of right now, as its updating is quite erratic, but it's very enjoyable to read!
Epilepsy warning alert. A lot of this comic has flashing, since most of it is animated.

Pandemonium Wizard Village
This one is much more traditional manga-like, much like Battle Patrol, but with more of an sepia toning over all of it. It's... very surreal, and interesting to see. I linked the first chapter, as it's no longer hosted anywhere but Deviantart (that I can see), so to find other chapters, you'll have to go back to their gallery and look on the left-hand side for more chapters.

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