Features: Aquatic creatures. Can vary from being frogs, octopi, or even just jellyfish. Generally not anthro. So yes, giant sentient "sea" life.

Can create mixed breeds? yes

You might know them as aquatic reptiles, amphibians, etc. But they always reside in water or tend to take to it pretty easily, oftentimes creating island cities out of nothing but flotsam and jetsam.


Features: They look like humans (nofurs) with wings. Always identify as female.

Can create mixed breeds? no; cherub are infertile, and nothing else produces "cherubs", not even an mix of an harpy and nofur.

Cherub are exceedingly rare; and nobody's quite sure who, or what, they are, except that they look like an abomination to them. In fact, "Abomination" is an word for them, though it is an insult to them. Cherub seem to come into being through various ways.


Features: they look like humans (nofurs) with animal heads, which may lead people who aren't used to them to think they're an nofur-lupo combination gone wrong, but they're their own particular species. They sometimes have tails.

Can create mixed breeds? no; nightmare only produce either their partner's species or another nightmare, even through magical means.

Nightmares had the name coined because, as an old myth says, the first Nightmare to exist was asked if it was "a nightmare to keep [their] head up," due to an animal head on an nofur body. It turns out they're magic so they don't care!


Features: Creature with an human (nofur) head. Ears can be nofur or the animal that makes up most of their body.

Can create mixed breeds? no; Pawers only produce their own species or their partner's, even magically.

Pawers can be a little off-putting to most beings, rather similarly to Nightmares (they're polar opposites to most people), but they're overall quite a chill species, and will probably try to be your best friend if you let them.


Features: very varied. The animate are things that were never living (so not corpses, ghosts, and so-forth) but somehow came to life. They tend to be things like plants, dolls, and armor.

Can create mixed breeds? No. They are entirely infertile, were they to somehow have the means, except for plant-type Animated whom can do the usual plant things.

Animate are so varied that it's hard to think of how to describe them for anybody in the world of Torri, but they would say they're generally interesting and curious, eager to figure out how the living manage.


Features: Always feathered, with nofur torsos and vaguely nofur faces (though some of them are known to have beaks and bird eyes instead of nofur features). Their wings can vary in number and location; harpies with six wings have been documented, as have harpies with wings on their backs and talon-hands. Even the number of their toes can vary (three to five front-claws; zero to three back-claws), and their tails vary.

Can create mixed breeds? Yes. Oftentimes, the resulting offspring is feathered, but can also occasionally be "batlike" as well.

Harpies are very common, and were thought to be good luck among sailors, because in an emergency, they could take to the skies to warn for land or disasters incoming. In fact, that "superstition" hasn't faded even today, and at least one harpy is mandatory on each and every boat, canoe, and so-forth.


Features: Very varied; see description.

Can create mixed breeds? No; Liches, like Animated, are incapable.

Liches are the once-living that took on another form. Souls possessing armor, corpses, a corpse reanimated, a ghost, soul, and so-forth are all "Lich"es. Some have phylacteries (the item that they attached to that keeps them bound here), but some don't. They're very varied, from the form they had in life, to the form they chose to take to keep attached, or even forms that reflect their mental state or that they were coerced into.


Features: "anthro animals" at base, including frogs, birds, bugs, and so-forth. Most common race of Torri.

Can create mixed breeds? yes; almost all mixed-breeds you see are part Lupo.

Lupo are the most common in the world of Torri, and they inhabit most of it. They are very varied in appearance, some conforming to their areas, some not, some looking like their parents and some not at all. It's a giant melting pot.


Features: Humans. As varied as they are in the "real world".

Can create mixed breeds? Yes, in a manner of speaking. Nofurs are only able to produce "mixed breeds" with another Lupo, which doesn't create anything else like an Pawer or Walker or so-forth, but simply something that has mixed looks of the two parents; partially nofur and partially Lupo. A good example of what this looks like is Axel!

The second most common species in Torri, they've got quite the extensive range of experience to them as a species. However, surprisingly, in this world of magic and wonder, they're not behind; quite a few of them know how to parse magic when others struggle, and they're also very expressive (compared to other races, whose faces and bodies don't allow for quite so clear emotions), so they are much easier to like genuinely.


Features: A walker is a nofur but with an animal bottom half. Usually, the ears are their animal half's too, but they can be human as well. Oftentimes, the animal half's coloring and so-forth extend up to the rest of the body, but there are also some cases where the top half looks more like an nofur than the creature they are "part". Their number of legs can vary immensely,

Can create mixed breeds? Yes.

Walkers, rather unimaginatively named, are known as the most hardworking beings in Torri, though that's not to say each one of them has an penchant for hard labor or so-forth; some of their strength lies in things such as teaching at schools. They are simply very dedicated to their goal in life, and once they figure out what "feels right" to them, they will stick with it for a long time.

s⃞   h⃞   o⃞   g⃞   g⃞   o⃞   t⃞   h⃞

f͓͖ͨ̓e̲͔͖̥̪̩̭̋ä́ͦt̪̝̯̞̤͍̱ͫͥ͐̄̈ͬ̿ṵ̫̞̙̥̅̉͆̏ͬ͊͒r̪̟̻̼͎̺ͦ̾e̳̩̟̳s̩̗͉̋: bₑᵢₙgₛ ₒf ₐbₒₘᵢₙₐbₗₑ bₑᵢₙg, ₜₕₑy ᵥₐᵣy ₑᵥₑₙ ₘₒᵣₑ wᵢdₑₗy ₜₕₐₙ ₐₙy ₒₜₕₑᵣ ₖₙₒwₙ ₛₚₑcᵢₑₛ ᵢₙ ₜₒᵣᵣᵢ, ₐₙd ₐᵣₑ ᵢₙcᵣₑdᵢbₗy, ᵢₙcᵣₑdᵢbₗy ₘₐgᵢcₐₗ. ₜₕₑᵢᵣ ₚₑᵣₛₒₙₐₗᵢₜᵢₑₛ ᵥₐᵣy ᵥₑᵣy ₘᵤcₕ ₐₛ wₑₗₗ, ₐₙd ₜₕₑy ₐᵣₑ ₙₑᵢₜₕₑᵣ "gₒₒd" ₙₒᵣ "bₐd" ₋ ₜₕₑy ₛᵢₘₚₗy ₕₐᵥₑ ₘₐₗᵢcₑ ₒᵣ dₒ ₙₒₜ, ₐₙd ₑᵥₑₙ ₜₕₑₙ, ₜₕᵢₛ ₗₑᵥₑₗ ₒf ₘₐₗᵢcₑ cₐₙ ᵥₐᵣy.

C̺a̪͙ͮ̈͗͐n̜̪̤͎ ͓̲͈̻̼̀ͭͭͩc͉̘͕͙͙̯ͫ̊͗͛ͅr̹̮͚̫̲͇̩̓e̗̭̪͙̪̺̎ͤ͌ͤͧ̈̓ả̐̉̃̐t̝̪̾͊̓ͬ̒ě͗̀̀̈͂ ͚̠͇̮͍m̞͕̌̈̋i̥̰͖͖̪ͅx͎̳̼͔̟͓̜ͦ͊ͣe̠̮͇͈ͣ̎d̬͉̺̩̪͈̠͌ͩ̽͒ͨ͐ ͓̣̝̘̳̖͌͐b̜̾́͗̌r̯̜̪̘̞̰̿̈̽̐̄ͪ̉é͕̳̬̲̇e̬͇̽͐̐ͣd̳ͨ͌͐s̖͖͙͍̳̙̲̉ͥ? n҉o҉ ҉o҉n҉e҉ ҉k҉n҉o҉w҉s҉

ₜₕₑy ₐᵣₑ ₛₐᵢd ₜₒ bₑ ₜₕₑ gₒdₛ ₒf ₜₕₑ wₒᵣₗd. ₛₒₘₑ ₐᵣₑ ₛₐᵢd ₜₒ dᵢₛgᵤᵢₛₑ ₜₕₑₘₛₑₗᵥₑₛ. ₙₒbₒdy cₐₙ ₐgᵣₑₑ ₒₙ wₕₐₜ ₛₕₒggₒₜₕₛ ₑₓₐcₜₗy ₐᵣₑ, bᵤₜ ₜₕₑy ₖₙₒw, ₐₙd cₐₙ ₐgᵣₑₑ ₒₙ, ₜₕᵣₑₑ ₜₕᵢₙgₛ fₒᵣ cₑᵣₜₐᵢₙ:

ₙᵤₘbₑᵣ ₒₙₑ ᵢₛ ₜₕₐₜ ₙₒbₒdy ₖₙₒwₛ ⱼᵤₛₜ ₕₒw ₘₐₙy ₜₕₑᵣₑ ₐᵣₑ.

ₙᵤₘbₑᵣ ₜwₒ ᵢₛ ₜₕₐₜ ₜₕₑy ₕₐᵥₑ ₙₒ ᵢdₑₐ ₕₒw ₛₕₒggₒₜₕₛ cₐₘₑ ᵢₙₜₒ bₑᵢₙg, ₘᵤcₕ ₗᵢₖₑ Cₕₑᵣᵤbₛ, ₐₗₜₕₒᵤgₕ wᵢₜₕ ₘᵤcₕ ₗₑₛₛ ₒf ₐₙ ᵢdₑₐ.

ₙᵤₘbₑᵣ ₜₕᵣₑₑ ᵢₛ ₜₕₐₜ ₜₕₑy dₒ ₙₒₜ ₖₙₒw wₕₐₜ ₛₕₒggₒₜₕₛ' ₚᵤᵣₚₒₛₑ ᵢₙ ₗᵢfₑ ᵢₛ.

ḇ͍͗ͧa͎̲̹̮͖͙ͨ͂ͩ̍̔ͭc̞̦̞̙͂̓k̬̗̳̳̥̰̬͋̌ ̊ͥ͒̊ͥ̚t̬̗̪̘ͭ̾ͬ̓o͗͋͐́̔̎̊ ͯt͕̜̺̥̥̳͒ͫͨ̇̓͆o̪̝͓͍͐̑ͦͯ̄͒p̳͕͖̰ͬ̉̅̒̿̈́̊